Why is Rummy Called a Skill-Based Game in India?

Rummy Rules

India has been one of the seats of ancient civilisations, and Indians have been renowned to be fun-loving and brainy people, with many of the path-breaking developments taking place in India from time to time. The origin of rummy game of cards is difficult to trace, but one thing is certain, that Indians have been relishing the game for quite some time. Keeping entertainment aside, what else lends such favouritism to the card-melding game? In all probability, it is the skill-factor that rummy involves, simple rummy rules, and the way it deploys various mathematical principles, that make it popular among the masses. Rummy is reckoned as a skill-based game in the nation, because it requires players to exercise specific skills to deftly play the game.

Rummy Rules

Rummy – A Bird’s Eye View

What is 13 Card Indian Rummy all about? It is a card game in which each player gets 13 cards, that have to be grouped appropriately to form valid combinations of sequences and sets. Arrange a minimum of 3 cards of the same suit in ascending order, and it would be a sequence or a run. Place 3-4 cards of the same rank but different suits together, and it would be a set. And how are the players supposed to accomplish it? Rummy is a draw-and-discard based game, i.e., players pick and discard a card upon their turn to achieve the goal. We can notice that the task is quite uncomplicated.

What Makes Rummy a Skill Game?

The aim is pretty simple, but what matters is, how quickly you are able to come up with proper melds. Herein, step the skills. What kind of skills?

  1. Deploying Number Concepts: To begin with, it is the mathematical foundation of rummy. Runs and sets are practical manifestations of permutations and combinations, that can be formed quicker when you implement the concept of probability. It is the number of turns you take to form valid combinations, that decides your fate on the vibrant rummy tables. As each card also carries a point value, you need to make frequent calculations to know where you stand.
  2. Alertness is a Key Quality: It is a game of the prepared and alert mind. Players must keep a close watch on the activities of their fellow players. To be precise, you must monitor the cards being picked and discarded by your rivals. It is essential to calculate what melds they are possibly aiming at, so that you can accordingly, retain or dump cards. It is as significant to obstruct others’ progress as it is to speed up yours.
  3. The Memory Role: With each card picked and dropped, a good player stashes the info in his/her memory, replacing the previously cached data with it – what cards could others be holding and which ones could be in the closed deck.
  4. Quick Decision-Making: While in the game played with real cards, your fellow players might oblige you with extra time for contemplating and making your moves, in the online rummy game, you get only a few seconds for the same. That means you have to be really quick with your decisions.
  5. A Mind Game: The outcome of rummy is hugely influenced by your state of emotions. One must play with a cool head, so as to maintain poise, and think clearly. You cannot afford to give in to emotions like anger, frustration, revenge, greed, etc. Being patient is a critical life skill, that you need to exhibit on rummy tables.
  6. Flexibility and Innovation: Albeit there are rummy tricks and strategies that you should know and leverage, no two games are alike. What it means is, is that a particular strategy might propel you to victory in one game, but might prove futile in another. You have to analyse the situation, and accordingly, strategize.

The Mathematics of Rummy

By and large, the Indian Rummy game is based on Maths. Apart from that, one has to be a multi-tasker, and as watchful as a hawk. One turn gone wrong can make things go topsy-turvy. Each card matters. Quick decision-making ability and patience, are other desirable traits. Over-confidence as also complacency can mar your game. Learning from your mistakes can make you a better player. Constant evolving is the key to win rummy games. Keep your chin up, play with equanimity, and make money online by engaging in Indian Rummy Game of Skills!