Is Rummy Better than Poker in terms of Making Money Online?

Rummy vs Poker

Rummy and Poker, both come from the family of card games and have been immensely popular across the globe, especially their online versions. However, when we talk in the Indian context, Rummy has always been the favoured choice of the masses.

Rummy vs Poker

Reasons Galore

Several reasons are behind this favouritism. For one, it is thoroughly amusing. Secondly, it is easier to learn and play Indian Rummy game. And last, but not the least, it offers incredible opportunities to earn money online – with your skills. These are the facts that form the basis of our discussion ahead.

In the Foresight

In Poker, one hugely depends on luck and betting to pace ahead in the game. A player’s fate is governed by the rank of cards in his hand as against the cards in possession of other players. On the other hand, it is logical reasoning, strategic thinking, and skill, that help in paving a rummy player’s way to success. Appropriate grouping of cards into combinations of sets and sequences, decides who wins the game.

Proficiency Matters

If one has to choose between Rummy and Poker, it would be advisable to contemplate thoroughly before making a decision. It is so because when you plan to invest money in a game, you must be highly proficient in the game – you should be able to play the game exceedingly well. Instead of pondering over which game to play to make money online, one should see which game one can excel at.

Indian Rummy – Preponderantly A Game of Skills

Indian Rummy is largely a game of skill and an easy one at that. With a handful of rules, it is simple to learn and play. Add to it a regular practice, and you can master the game. It is essentially based on mathematical principles of permutations, combinations, and probability. Apart from that, it is a pick-and-drop style game so that you can meld your cards with smart application of your mind and memory. Barring a few cases, bluffing plays little role in the card-melding game.

Poker – Luck + Bluffing

On the contrary, Poker is primarily dependent on luck. Once you get your hand, you can do nothing about the cards. it is altogether guesswork on the part of a player based on which he decides whether to raise the wager amount and continue the game or fold the cards. Bluffing is of prime significance in a game of Poker. To put in a nutshell, it is luck coupled with your bluffing ability that decides the outcome. It is an uphill task trying to make out the cards of other players, and their relative strengths.

Let’s Speculate and Ponder

Indian Rummy allows you to block the cards other players need, and in the meantime, complete your own melds. Several tactics can be employed to hamper others’ progress, and to pace up yours. The beauty of rummy lies in the fact that even if you do not get a good hand, keeping an eye on the moves of your adversaries can help you make out where they stand. No such features are present in Poker. It is the stroke of fate that makes one win and others lose.

Which One to Choose

Both Rummy and Poker are highly entertaining games. It is up to you to see in which one you would like to invest money, and which one would be easier to master. If you opt for Rummy, you should ideally begin with the Points Rummy game. If you prefer to try your luck at Poker, play the Texas Hold’em game. However, in both the card games, one should preferably start playing for low stakes, and then, gradually, progress to higher stakes. Apart from this, the first step should be to play ample free games to gain an insight into the finer nuances of the game – be it Rummy or Poker.

Making Money Online

Rummy, being a skill-game, is perfectly legal in the nation. Rummy portals hold elaborate contests, both Freeroll and Cash tournaments in routine, that offer fantastic prospects to the skilled players to make money online. Likewise, there are humongous Poker competitions too. However, keeping in mind the features like ease of learning, mastering, making use of skills, and not depending solely on destiny, it would be safe to conclude that rummy would anytime give Poker a run for its money!