Is Rummy a Skill or Luck

Is Rummy a Skill or Luck

Among the hordes of digital games played in India, Online Rummy is one of the preferred choices of players. Millions of players have already registered themselves at various reputed websites to play and make some real money. Looking at its soaring popularity, it would be safe to say that this booming business is nowhere set to fade away. After all, the game is giving a real dose of entertainment to ones who love rummy.

Is Rummy a Skill or Luck

To enjoy the game to the fullest, a player needs to acquire considerable skills. Not to mention, to truly master the game, especially the intricate versions of rummy – like playing cash games for high stakes, a player has to be very particular about his gameplay. One must:

  • Practice more to gain experience
  • Have a watchful eye on the opponent
  • Show dedication towards the game
  • Not to be overconfident of his skills

However, a few carry a myth about the game, i.e., Rummy is luck based. To be frank, rummy is purely a skill-based game. Of course, luck does play a part in card distribution, i.e., it is involved when the cards are dealt to a player. But once the cards are distributed, a player needs to use skills and strategies to get the winner’s cap on his head.  And there is no scope of knowing the card that will come next. In other words, it’s you who has to arrange the available cards, using strategies and game planning. Also, your opponent may discard a card that you need, so, taking timely action and staying alert is what matters the most. Play in such a way that your opponent is not able to steer ahead of you in the game.

Although rummy seems to be an easy game and you may learn the game quickly, but you must also know what tricks, professional players use to stay one step ahead of other players on the table. Also, you need to do away with the myth that rummy involves gambling. Don’t worry, as we are presenting five concrete reasons to clarify that rummy is purely skill-based.

  1. The behaviour of the Game: In the game of rummy, you need to meld the cards into right sequences and sets. To do so, you need to understand the flow of the game, i.e., how to perform in a good or bad situation to ultimately win the game.
  2. Skills Play a Key Role: Becoming an expert rummy player calls for excellent mathematical and analytical skills. The one who holds the perfect skills has the power to outperform in the game.
  3. Strategies are Crucial to Winning: Proper implementation of strategies has a deep effect on your game. It helps in lessening the chances of your opponents’ winning, and at the same time, helps you in melding the cards quickly and effectively.
  4. Rummy Demands A Focused Mind: Had rummy been a game of luck, despite a bad hand, you could always win with luck. On the contrary, rummy needs to be played with confidence and concentration to succeed.
  5. Supreme Court Verdict: The recent verdict from the Supreme Court of India clearly proves that rummy involves skills and not gambling. The game requires mental skills, intellectual thinking, and years of experience to become a master. The game is completely legal in India.

The Conclusion 

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